We are looking for young, enthusiastic people to join our mad gang at Divine Muhurat. Below are the job
profiles that we are hiring for.


A senior business manager at Divine Muhurat must be good at math, should think in Excel sheets and must be very organised. Working long hours, answering lots of calls, travelling to new places and meeting interesting people is part of the job.

A business manager is the link between the design team and our clients and make sure everything runs ship-shape in office.

Opportunities are available to those with experience in sales and marketing.

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The core of our company, are our designers. We are a motley lot of architects, artists, interior designers, flower lovers and textile enthusiasts; and are looking for someone to join our happy gang.

Our designers visualise and create everything you see online.

Proficiency in AUTOCAD, 3D MAX/SKETCHUP, COREL DRAW and PHOTOSHOP is mandatory.
Illustrators and graphic designers are welcome too.
Senior designers must have a minimum of two years of experience.

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Our producers bring our designers’ vision to life. They source, coordinate and put together all details of an event. If you love putting together pretty things and scourging markets for good deals, this is the place for you.

Opportunities are also available for social media interns.

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