Our approach to organizing and managing events rests on a simple '5E Approach'- that has
also been imbibed and actively applied by our dedicated and experienced team.
This approach underscores the importance of


We decide on all the “Elements” for the wedding. All components of the event including the requirements and the needs are thoroughly understood and discussed between the client & us.


Thereafter, the theme and other intricacies of the event are finalized. In this stage we decide the “Essentials” or the must haves. The role of all the vendors become highly vital in this process.


At this stage we create the “Environment”. Our production and design team along with the vendors create the desired setups under our supervision.


The most crucial step is the Execution. In this we are into action and our aim is to create the right ‘Energy and ‘Emotion’ while flawlessly ‘Executing’ your event.